Monday, November 20, 2006


This is to a be the home of my creations sans food. I am an artist and am constantly creating, collecting and transfering a "Mess". I was born in NYC and have lived here ever since, I have tried to escape a few times but have been thwarted by my love for this town. All my important people reside here, and all which I do not know is waiting for me to discover it.

I grew up drawing and painting, which led to photography, film, video, and performance art. Here is where you will get to see it all. In this mess of a blog I will show you what I have been doing for the entirety of my life. This will be a gallery space, a conference room and tomb. To finish the unfinished that I have been amassing for too many years. To show you what I think, who I am, what I make as a result.

I have a digital camera. I like deteriorating surfaces and wish to create my own, but I take pictures of those that I find.


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